Midland Automobile Club and the RAC agree to Work Together


With the history of the RAC and the Midland Automobile Club (MAC) being intrinsically linked since 1901 when MAC became the first club to affiliate to the Automobile Club of Great Britain – which went on to become the Royal Automobile Club in 1907 – the two organisations have decided to build on their combined heritage by agreeing to support one another in the interests of preserving and promoting ‘classic motoring’ events in the 21st century.


RAC spokesman Simon Williams said: “Interestingly, 1901 was not only the year Midland Automobile Club was founded and joined the then Automobile Club of Great Britain, it was also the year that uniformed patrols were first introduced to the country’s roads.


“It makes perfect sense that two organisations that have so much joint history should continue to work together in some way, particularly as the Midland Automobile Club still runs the oldest operational motorsport venue in the world – the Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb – and the RAC is Britain’s oldest and most influential motoring organisation.”


Mark Constanduros MAC Commercial Manager said “I am really pleased to welcome the RAC and look forward to our mutual support. We have a very strong classic element to the club and with Classic Nostalgia becoming a significant event too, working with the RAC makes perfect sense for both organisations.”


The RAC are offering a preferable rate to members of the Midland Automobile Club on breakdown cover as part of their support. Details to follow in the club’s publications.


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